5 Reason why hiring freelance bookkeeping services in Dubai is beneficial

If your business is scaling new heights but your finances are a mess, then you know it’s time to consider hiring a bookkeeper.  A bookkeeping service is also necessary when you need accurate and immaculate account books

But how do you find bookkeeping services in Dubai that are ideal for your business size? Is it a good idea to hire a freelance bookkeeper instead of having a full-time employee?  What are the advantages of hiring a freelance bookkeeping company? 

Read on to find out more.

What is bookkeeping and how to hire bookkeeping services in Dubai ?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions, and is part of the accounting process in business and other organizations. It involves preparing source documents for all transactions, operations, and other events of a business.

When it comes to selecting a bookkeeper or third party, the process shouldn’t be too different from hiring of any other professional. The only thing you need to make sure is that the candidate understands your firms requirements. Once you do, you can then work on identifying people for the role.

Benefite Of Freelance Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

Advantages Of Hiring Freelance Bookkeeping Firms

1. Experience right from the get go

Even after hiring an employee after an extensively tiring process there is no guarantee of competence and you cannot even lay them off just as easily. However if you hire an agency, they have accountants and bookkeepers who have plenty of experience  working in the field and at times even in same business model companies as your. therefore you get experience right out of the box.

2. Ideal for short term projects

Business accounting requirements are not always the same, Sometimes lots of work is to be completed within a few days. Like during the beginning and the end of your company’s financial year. but mostly it’s just regular bookkeeping. Hiring freelance bookkeeping agencies help you to scale up or down your workforce, depending on your needs.

3. Cost Effective Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

The cost of hiring a full-time employee is not only about the salary and other employee benefits but also allocation of resources on hiring and training them. If you consider this as a nominal one time cost, you cannot deny the long term management expenses. However hiring a freelance accounting agency like Hussain & Jujar Accounting services means, you do not have to worry about any of these

Freelance agencies usually charge an hourly fee depending on the work. Furthermore, you save the expense of employee benefits like leave salary, insurance, etc. Working with freelancers also helps you to keep the employee headcount of your company low.

4. Help with managing cash flow

While an inhouse accountant can do the job of giving strategic advice, solving tax issues and filing VAT returns, they don’t overlook your accounts on a regular basis. However, a good bookkeeper keeps a close eye on your accounts every day. As a result, your cash flow is kept under control, which is crucial for business growth.  

5. Prevent Errors

In a small company witgh limited staff even a seasoned accountant can end up making mistakes like messing up your books without a proper team. These mistakes could be anything ranging from mixing up types of expenses and double entries to missing entries and or making a simple data entry error. However, a professional freelance team of bookkeepers are experts in accuracy and will make sure your books are error-free.