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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping services lay the basis for monitoring and controlling the performance of any company. Also, bookkeeping is the first step in preparing a financial statement and filing tax returns. We take keeping the books serious! Our bookkeeping staff is located in Deira, Dubai.

Entrust your books to our team of professionals

Only professionally kept books secure meaningful analysis of corporate data and support purposeful corporate decisions. Our Service Includes :

Updating the “chart of accounts” in compliance with IFRS/IAS Accounting standards and - if requested - in compliance with any other accounting standards.

Accounting data entry updated on an accrual basis and carried out, once a month, on the basis of the accounting documents delivered to us as well as any additional information that would be required

Periodical reconciliation of accounts

Calculation of the monthly VAT and withholding tax position (excluding withholding tax and social security position relating to employees following under the scope of payroll services)

Calculation of VAT payments due

Determination and related data entry of year-end adjustments required for drawing up the annual Statutory Financial Statements